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Mental Wellbeing



We help people improve mental wellbeing using behavior change technology based on neuroscience

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Actima Experience 

You can improve your mental wellbeing by changing your behavior. We create engaging products making it easy to improve your lifestyle

Manage mental health

We focus on finding causes of mental health problems, then create a personalized plan for you to improve your mental health

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Improve wellbeing

Improve your mood, clarity, focus, attention and performance

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Prevent mental disorders

Prevention is always easier and less painful. Take control over your mental health


Lifestyle solution for mental health

Lifestyle can cause mental health problems as it affects various systems in your brain, nervous system and body.

Addressing the cause & changing your lifestyle will improve your mental wellbeing


Wellbeing education platform

Discover simple & powerful insights to instantly improve how you feel

Our app will give you daily recommendations based on your personalized lifestyle plan



Easy to use